Risk Management Counseling: Stemming the Tide

Risk ManagementRHHS helps a wide variety of national, regional and local residential, mixed use, industrial, office and shopping center builders evaluate and manage project risk through a variety of mechanisms, including but not limited to:

  • Risk identification and assessment;
  • Entity formation and dissolution strategies;
  • Project structure analysis and strategies (i.e. planned development, condo, etc.);
  • Counseling on, and analysis and evaluation of, insurance programs;
  • Dispute avoidance and analysis of dispute resolution alternatives;
  • Risk analysis, assessment and mitigation with respect to SB 800 claims;
  • Preparation of Maintenance Manuals, Warranties and Customer Service Programs;
  • Negotiation and drafting of consultant agreements and construction contracts that incorporate the project risk management requirements, including applicable insurance and indemnity provisions; and
  • Prepare other project documents, such as CC&RS, sales agreements, lease agreements, etc., that reflect the risk management strategy for the applicable projects.

RHHS takes a multi-disciplinary approach to risk management, with a goal of keeping our clients out of court and minimizing their risk to acceptable levels. Because of the broad breadth of expertise in risk management, our lawyers are often asked to speak at seminars on the latest developments in the risk management field. We assist some of the largest builders in the county with their risk management programs, and we can provide that same state of the art counseling to your company as well.

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